An average person types using 2 to 4 fingers. With the help of the Yogitype, that same person can switch to typing using all ten fingers in a relatively short time.   

Going from 2 to 10 fingers is easier using the Yogitype

Getting accustomed to using the Yogitype is quick, even though initially it may feel awkward placing your fingers on the correct keys. Once you have located the home keys the switch between a conventional keyboard and the Yogitype is simple.  And this first step to touch typing using all ten fingers is easy.

Touch typing made easier

The unfolded keyboard of the Yogitype rests, in a way, on your fingertips, therefore ycou are inclined to use all your fingers. Each key that you press on the 'back' of the keyboard lights up on the front therefore your hands never block the view of the keyboard and you always see what key you hit. Follow the free typing course through this website and you'll notice that you'll improve rapidly.

More keystrokes per minute

The use of ten fingers will after some practice speed up the number of strokes per minute. With the pivoting support underneath your wrists, you are really faster at the correct keys. That the mouse is integrated into the keyboard, provides additional time savings. Your hands no longer need to be brought from the keyboard to the mouse and back.

Experience it now for yourself

Convince yourself and order the YogitypeYou may try out the keyboard for 3 weeks to see how fast you can switch.