Yogitype with a carry bag

YogitypedesignKeyboardlayout exampleKey's on backsideCarry bag with Yogitype
€ 299,48 (€ 247,50 excl VAT) each


The Yogitype prevents and treats RSI-related complaints.

The Yogitype is a keyboard with a language specific layout, simple mouse and adjustable armrests. The Yogitype comes with a deluxe carrying bag for easy transportation, so that you are mobile and can work everywhere with the Yogitype.

Components, supplied in a deluxe carrying case:
  • Hinged and folding keyboard
  • Keyboard with language specific lay-out, please select layout before you add the Yogitype in to the shoppingcart.
  • USB cable for plug-and-play
  • Armrests
  • Base plate
  • Manual
  • Deluxe bag
Scientifically designed and built

Use of the Yogi type reduces muscle tension. Especially when it comes to muscles that are prone to RSI complaints. This is clearly proven by scientists GP Galen, H. Liesker and A. de Haan at the Radboud University Nijmegen and Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Read more about this in the publications they wrote about the Yogitype and the results achieved (dutch publications).

Yogitype suitable for my type of work ?

Experience shows that the Yogitype can be best used for word processing . Some combinations of keys are more difficult to make because of the partitioning of the keyboard. Computer programmers and designers might run into these limitations of the keyboard . If that case please contact us to advise you for your personal situation.