Already many ergonomic keyboards made their appearance on the market. The problem was that the user nevertheless had to be very conscious about its posture. The ingenious design of the Yogitype almost 'forces' you as a user of this keyboard to relax your shoulders and neck.

In all circumstances relaxed

Even when the workload increases and you forget the right position, the Yogitype makes sure that your shoulders remain low. Your arms and hands are in an open position, obliquely upwards. The keys rest on your fingertips instead of vice versa. And your wrists rest comfortably on the soft palm rests, which you can set at the desired distance from your keyboard.

Design Yogitype

  • hingable and foldable keyboard
  • Touch buttons on the outside, illuminated buttons on the inside
  • your hands never obstruct the view of the keys that you touch
  • active support of your forearm and hand
  • compact, detachable and easy to carry
  • strong and solid for years of enjoyment


Scientifically designed and built

Use of the Yogitype reduces muscle tension. Especially when it comes to muscles that are impressible to RSI complaints. This is clearly proven by scientists G.P. van Galen, H. Liesker and A. de Haan at the Radboud University Nijmegen and Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Read more about this in the publications (dutch) they wrote about the Yogitype and its results.