Take the challenge and learn touch typing with the Yogitype easily and in a correct posture. Your fingertips automatically rest at the right keys and therefore touch typing becomes a piece of cake.


Learn to type 

Research and experience have showed that people, with or without typing experience will learn typing faster using the Yogitype than using a regular keyboard. This is partially explainable because of the keys of the Yogitype rest on your fingertips instead of the other way around, therefore you are tend use all of your fingers. 


Smart design

Using the Yogitype you place your hands behind the keyboard, this results in a pleasant and healthy posture. Furthermore it prevents your hands for blocking the keyboard. The keys you hit illuminate at the front side of the keyboard so you can see exactly which key you hit. In order to use the smartly integrated the mouse, you will always have to move your hands in the right healthy position. 


Experience yourself

Follow the free online typing course, which you can do at your own speed, and experience yourself how fast your typing skills increase. You can try out the Yogitype 3 weeks for free.