Why would I, as an expert, start working with the Yogitype?

I already have enough typing skills!


Healthy posture and improvement of typing speed

The Yogitype almost 'forces' you to keep your shoulders relaxed. This makes working with the Yogitype healthy and comfortable. You'll stay accurate and fit for a much longer time behind your pc.


The switch

For many specialist typewriters, the switch from the regular keyboard to the Yogitype is the biggest bump. Those people are often the ones who work several hours a day behind their computer. It's logical that you don't simply replace your keyboard, which you are used to work with, for something completely different. But research has showed that experienced typewriters already have the same speed of typing, after having spent two hours on the Yogitype. 

Almost automatically

In practice, switching from a regular keyboard to the Yogitype isn't difficult at all. Thanks to the spots on the pink and index finger keys, you'll find the right basic position for your hands quickly. If you've also found the integrated mouse on the Yogitype, the rest will sort itself out.


Try yourself

Saying the switch to the Yogitype is not hard at all, might not yet have convinced you. Therefore order here the Yogitype and you may try out the keyboard for 3 weeks to see how fast you, and easily you can switch.