You are an experienced typewriter and you feel comfortable with your speed of typing, however after a while sitting behind your pc you get complaints in your neck, shoulders and wrists. What can the Yogitype do for you?


Automatically a healthy position

When working with the Yogitype you'll not have to think about the proper working position. In a way the Yogitype 'forces' you to take that position and therefore keeps your shoulders relaxed. You remain more accurate and fit for a much longer time.


All 10 fingers in use

Even experienced often leave their pink unused. The Yogitype prevents your fingers to 'hover' over the keyboard, this results in the usage of all the ten fingers, improving the quality and speed of typing even more.

An experienced typewriter who starts working with the Yogitype will notice that also the 'unused' fingers have to be practiced. The illumination of the keys when pressing them will help you with that.

On the Yogitype, an experienced typewriter will be on the same speed of typing as usual within just 2 hours.


Experience yourself

Convince yourself and order the Yogitype. You may try out the keyboard for 3 weeks to see how fast you can switch.