The Yogitype is extremely userfriendly and requires little instruction to install.

  • Unfold the baseplate (L = Left), and put it on the table
  • Unfold the keyboard and put the attachmentpoints in the bottomplate. (Click)
  • Place the USB-plug of the provided cable in the back of the keyboard
  • Place the other end of the cable in the computer
  • Place the palm rests  (L = Left) on the with velcro marked spots on the baseplate. Do that in such a way that they match the size of your hands and width of your shoulders. Create the for you most comfortable position to work.  
  • You are ready to use the Yogitype. Have fun!


Keyboard available in different languages

The keyboard is available in different languages. This is easy to adjust by putting another 'sheet' on the keyboard. Send us an e-mail to order the sheet in an other language.

Experience it yourself

Order the Yogitype and let it be your base of comfortable working. You can try the ergonomic and practical Yogitype for a 3 week trial.