The changeover from a regular keyboard to the Yogitype may seem a little bit complicated. But once it's your possession you will see a lot of similarities with your current keyboard. This allows you to quickly and easily select the right letters and functionkeys.


Switching form regular keyboard to the Yogitype: 

  • connecting the Yogitype is 'plug and play'
  • you're sold between 1 - 6 hours thanks to its smart design and layout
  • your body will ask for more working because of the relaxed working position 
  • the free online typingcourse will get you quickly on the right track
  • the number of characters per minute increases
  • the relaxed position ensures comfortable and relaxed working
  • easily and quickly detachable and takeable in a beautiful and convenient shoulder bag

Experience yourself 

Order the Yogitype and try it 3 weeks for free