Over the past 25 years many ergonomically keyboards have been developed. Which is of course not a strange phenomenon if you keep in mind that people work with computers more and longer. In practice this often leads to complaints because of a wrong posture or an overuse of certain muscles. 

Combination of key items

The design of the Yogitype is scientifically supported and has many years of development and improvements. Two important key items have been combined to come to the current design: 

  1. To sit in a yoga posture, you point your the hand palms upwards. You'll sit straight up without even thinking of it. The sternum moves slightly forward and the head places itself above the backbone. You can sit like this for hours, for example to meditate. The posture forms a perfect balance and there is therefore no need for contraction of any muscles in the neck nor shoulder.
  2. RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) is a damage to the muscles as a cause of the overuse of certain moves. As a result pain will form in the neck, shoulders and arms. Most complaints arise after working for a long time in an unhealthy posture and therefore is RSI one of the most common complaints among people who are using the computer for several hours a day. 

The design

The designer of the Yogitype, Hans te Maarsen, saw how a college was working with a modified keyboard because of RSI complaints. This keyboard was designed in such a way that the left and the right parts were separated and could move independently along horizontal plane. The aim in this design was to relieve the tension of the wrists and so reduce the RSI complaints.


Te Maarsen combined the two key items and that's how the first prototype of the Yogitype arose. An ergonomically designed keyboard whereby the Yoga-lotus posture formed the base of the positions of the keys. The Yogitype rests at your fingers with your hand palms in an upward position instead of vice versa (in a regular keyboard). While typing, your hand palms remain in that upward position as much as possible, like the yoga posture. Your wrists rest on pivoting supports to make you sit in an even more comfortable posture. The whole new design among keyboards with results that can be called revolutional straight away.