The secret of working faster

First of all the Yogitype is designed to optimize your working posture. You work with your arms and hands unfolded, therefore your upper body is in an lotus pasture, your head perfectly above your backbone, shoulders relaxed and wrists supported. Another advantage of working with the Yogitype, is that the speed of typing - after getting used to it - will increase significantly.


Work faster and more comfortable with the Yogitype 

  • The Yogitype is placed on your fingertips. This stimulates you to type with 10 fingers.  
  • You can see what you do while you're typing. The keys you hit light up at the front of the Yogitype. Your hands never obstruct your view on the keys.
  • Because the Yogitype makes sure you automatically sit in a good posture, you work relaxed and you can keep on working concentrated longer.
  • The Yogitype has an integrated mouse. Your fingers will never have to leave the keyboard again. Your fingers will stay in the right angle, also when you use the mouse.

Experience yourself

Order here the Yogitype and try it yourself. You will receive this keyboard to try it for 3 weeks.





"The Yogitype helps me to continue working, after the diagnose of osteoarthritis. As a journalist I'm worthless without a computer." Read more...


"After a few hours of working with the Yogitype, I was able to type with all my fingers."