The Yogitype keyboard perfectly fits in the new way of working. With this foldable and to everything connectable keyboard, you'll always work in the posture you find comfortable. The Yogitype's design makes sure you will automatically sit healthy and relaxed. Moreover the mouse is integrated in your keyboard!

Buddhas and monks can sit for hours, even days, in a lotus posture. The combination of meditation and this relaxed posture, makes sure your won't get any sign of tiredness. You can sit cross-legged using the Yogitype, although this is not necessary. Half of the lotus posture is already enough.


The comfort of the Yogitype stimulates you to work with:

  • relaxed shoulders
  • unfolded arms and hands (characteristic for the lotus posture)
  • support of wrist and forearms
  • a straight back with a slightly hollow lower-back
  • your head straight and relaxed above your backbone

More information for a healthy work posture.


You take the Yogitype keyboard everywhere 

Working with the Yogitype is relaxing and comfortable. The familiar keys rest on each hand. You use your mouse with your thumbs. You will have to adjust the supporters under your wrists just once, so they will fit perfectly with the proportions of your body. Finished work?  Unplug the USB, fold up the keyboard en take it in the handsome, included bag.

Experience yourself

Order here the Yogitype and let this keyboard be your base for comfortable working.

  • With the Yogitype you are flexible
  • The Yogitype is portable.
  • The muscles that often are "painful", now stay relaxed.
  • Practical and health computer use
  • Movable supports make all keys easily accessible.