Solution for RSI

The Yogitype is designed to use your computer in the healthiest possible way. Its ergonomical design automatically makes you adopt the so called lotus pasture. You relax your shoulders and let your arms hang down loosely. Your wrist rest on the supporters that move along with your arms, no matter what key of the Yogitype you touch.

No other ergonomical keyboard but the Yogitype will meet your wish to work behind your computer in such a relaxed position. No other keyboard but the Yogitype has proven itself based on research results and experience to prevent RSI.


How to prevent RSI 

Regularly taking a short break during work his a good start. Also an adjustable seat and desk are important to adopt a good posture. However these are preconditions that you will unnoticed bypass. 

Even when you are busy, the Yogitype 'forces' you to keep working in a healthy posture.


Prevent RSI with Yogitype

  • The moving wristsupporters keep your hands in the right position
  • The open posture creates more space and optimal blood flow in arms and shoulders.
  • Research has proven that the Yogitype reduces muscletension drastically.

Experience it yourself

Convince yourself and order the Yogitype. You may try out the keyboard for 3 weeks to see how fast you can switch.


"The Yogitype helps me to continue working, after the diagnose of osteoarthritis. As a journalist I'm worthless without a computer." Read more...


"After a few hours of working with the Yogitype, I was able to type with all my fingers."