Every day lots of workers using a computer and gamers go to the doctor and physiotherapist. Often with comparable complaints such as long-term painful muscles in shoulders and neck. But also headache, concentrationproblems and weariness are very common. And yes, we know the cause. It's often due to the wrong posture caused by stress or working too long without taking a break. Because everything must and has to be finished.


Research shows that

  • every year over 220.000 employees quit due to RSI (Repetitive stress injury)
  • RSI can be prevented by a adopting the right posture when working behind a pc.
  • the design of the Yogitype forces the human body to work in a relaxed way and so preventing RSI


Preventive and relaxed

Yogitype offers more benefits. Working with this new, ergonomical formed keyboard prevents complaints as painful muscles and weariness. Moreover, working with the Yogitype is comfortable and relaxing. People are able to work much longer and concentrated without complaints or weariness.


Scientifically designed and built

The use of the Yogitype reduces muscletension. Especially the muscles who are sensitive for RSI-complaints. This had been indisputably proven by scientists G.P. van Galen, H. Liesker and A. de Haan, at Radboud University Nijmegen and the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Read more about this in the publications (Dutch) they wrote about the Yogitype and its results.


Prof. G.P. van Galen:

"Using the Yogitype reduces muscle tension. In particular the muscles who are sensitive for RSI-complaints."