The ergonomical Yogitype keyboard is available in different versions. One is the so called Dvorak-keyboard. The biggest change from a regular keyboard (QWERTY), is the order of the letters on the keys. Mr. August Dvorak developed the layout specifically for keyboards with 'tipkeys'.


DVORAK is more efficient

The 'Qwerty order' was once invented for typewriters, where the hammers weren't suppose to tie up. A modern keyboard doesn't have this problem, which is why Mr. Dvoarak stopped using this illogical layout.

Main differences DVORAK-keyboard

  • the vowels are found next to each other on the home row (left hand at rest)
  • there are many more words from the 'homerow' to form
  • You type more words with two hands
  • Typingspeed will increase with at least 25 to 40%


NEO 2.0 and Colemak

In recent years the key layouts have been further optimized for specific languages. For the German language NEO 2.0 is developed and for the English language Colemak.


Quick and comfortable

Dvorak, NEO 2.0 and Colemak is ment to type fast and comfortable. These principles are consistent with Yogitype, therefore this keyboard can also be ordered with these layouts.