You are considering the  purchase of a Yogitype, a special ergonomic keyboard. But what will do this new way of typing to you?


Some advantages of the Yogitype listed

  • you work in a relaxed position
  • no more pain in shoulders, arms, neck and back
  • active support for your forearms, wrists and hands
  • compact, foldable, strong and therefore easy to carry
  • the Yogi promotes touch typing
  • you quickly get used to the Yogitype
  • increases your typing speed and typing skills
  • working with the Yogitype is working with pleasure


Experience yourself

Recognize yourself in the experience of othersOrder now and receive the ergonomic and practical Yogitype keyboard for a 3 week trial.

Prof. G.P. van Galen:

"Using the Yogitype reduces muscle tension. In particular the muscles who are sensitive for RSI-complaints."