• RSI Solution
  • The Yogitype is beautiful, practical, easy and compact to carry. The keyboard and the base are foldable.
  • Solution for RSI: even when you are busy, the Yogitype 'forces' you to keep working in a healthy posture.
  • Working comfortable, everywhere you want!
  • Using the Yogitype keyboard reduces the risk of RSI. The muscles that are often "painful" feel, now stay relaxed.
  • The key functions are always visible and with the built-in LED, all individual keystrokes light up.
  • The mouse and scroll function is integrated into the keyboard, and easy to operate with the thumb.
  • The Yogitype has a small work surface and is equipped with a USB port for Plug and Play.
  • The movable wrist rests are comfortable and make all buttons easily accessible. The supports are movable and therefore suitable for everyone.
  • The Yogitype stands for practical and healthy computing in a modern design.
  • Easy to carry in a deluxe carrying bag.

The keyboard for computer use in a practical and healthy way!


Experience it yourself

Convince yourself and order the Yogitype. You may try out the keyboard for 3 weeks to see how fast you can switch.


"After a few hours of working with the Yogitype, I was able to type with all my fingers."


"The Yogitype helps me to continue working, after the diagnose of osteoarthritis. As a journalist I'm worthless without a computer." Read more...